Early Architecture

1986, Copenhagen and Sri Lanka. Two examples of early works of architecture: A project for a village in Sri Lanka to replace the old village that had been flooded by the construction of a new hydroelectric dam. The other project was a new venue for music and theatre. For long I thought it to be […]

Design Theatre

Hotel Pro Forma

1994 – 95. Design of workspace, co creator of the performance “The Picture and Snow White” – link here – and design proposal for new building for Hotel Pro Forma.

Architecture Art

Large scale projects and competitions

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Architecture Urban development

City Hall Square, Copenhagen

The city hall square is one of the most central meeting places in the city. This is where you celebrate the national (football, handball… ) teams, light the Christmas tree and demonstrate against war or cuts in kindergarten budgets. In 1997, the HQ of the main Danish newspaper, Politiken, found itself cut off from the rest […]

Education Urban development


In 1999, the H99 event took place, and my responsibility was to curate an exhibition that explored the future collaboration between Helsingør (Elsinore with the castle of Hamlet, Kronborg) and Helsingborg, two cities located in the northern part of the Öresund region. During this time, the twin cities faced pressure due to the construction of […]

Gameplays Urban development

Fun City

2015 Fun City was an entry to the competition called “Designing the Urban Commons”. I include it here in spite of being a bit unfinished because it points forward to some elements in the understanding of urban development that I am still pursuing. The title “Fun City” is referring to the “Fun Palace” of Joan […]

Education Gameplays

Mapping Urbanity

2016 Mapping Urbanity, Tampere. The 2 week workshop for students of Architecture of took the act of mapping from only observing to exploring space by doing small appropriations (with masking tape). The students would test the technology and methods on the university campus before they would explore the urban development site, Hiedanranta, west of Tampere. […]

Education Workshops

TMS Design Studio

2014 TMS Design Studio, Hedehusene, Denmark. A 2 month on site design studio (two days a week) with landscape architecture students from University of Copenhagen (co-organiser/educator). The course had its basecamp in an old factory building in Hedehusene that became both a space for work(shop) and for inviting citizens to test new ways of using […]

Research Workshops

CRIR House Workshop

2019 CRIR House Workshop, Christiania, Copenhagen. Since 2004 the CRIR has hosted researchers from around the world with a particular interest in Christiania as a research area. Christiania’s insight and experience into local organisation, alternative architecture, lifestyle, culture, sustainable environments, quality of life, democracy and innovation is unique in the world and could generate important […]

Education Workshops

Space Transformers

2019 Space Transformers, Salo, Finland. The game based exploration, Space Transformers, was tested in 2019 and showed that using this new learning strategy, the university and local highschool students could form a core in a mutual embodied learning process between universities and local communities. The workshop had a structure that is based on the Active […]