My background is in the fields of architecture, theatre and visual arts. My main work has been with “the urban” on the borders between action research, process design and urban development. From large scale (Oresund region) to a local scale: Facilitating processes that strengthen weak communities (social housing in the suburbs of Copenhagen).

My present work is a “super site specific” method or active space that combines elements from participatory performance, pervasive games and psychogeography with my artistic background and experience from work in vulnerable neighbourhoods. 

Active space aims to discover spaces of possibilities with a (political) sensation of feeling free and able to act. This feeling and motivation drives a rhythm that moves between the verbal and non verbal of socially produced spaces (the urban) and creates a signifying process that empowers language for action.

Active space can be seen as a meta methodology or a basic rhythm that drives a number of gameplays: 48 hour camp, 5 day exploration, design studio, semester course or a longer term urban development gameplay. More on my work

The overall goal is to work in socially produced spaces – neighbourhoods, street corners, villages etc. – to foster and nurture political or democratic transformations.

For a more performative intro to active space – go here

This website is still in under construction. Feel free to go to my previous sites while this site is getting up and running.

Urban Education Live – New pedagogies and models for mutual learning processes for universities and local communities.

CiTyBee – a Community Tool Box that makes  the discussion about the city more concrete and close to everyday life. It makes the design of the city more open for discussion and self organisation.

Urbanizit – a collection of stories “in and about” the city – not new but some are still relevant.

Mastodon – social media

Flickr – for photos