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My background is in architecture, theater and visual arts. My main work has been with “the urban” on the borders between action research, process design and urban development: From large scale (Oresund region) to a local scale: Facilitating processes that strengthen weak communities (social housing in the suburbs of Copenhagen).

My present work is a constellation of praxis and theory – an “active space” – that combines my artistic background and experiences from work in vulnerable neighbourhoods with elements from participatory performance, pervasive games and psychogeography. The aim is to unleash an overlooked source for societal transformations embodied in a non verbal, radical openness of the urban.

This active space can be seen as the basic rhythm that drives a number of “productions“: From short 20 min dialogues: “performative presentations” over the educational “space transformers” (in the image to the left) to longer urban development productions.

The image is from a blindfold exploration of the Linjuri shopping centre in Salo, Finland. The exploration was part of the game based “Space Transformers” workshop in 2019. More here

And more on my work in general here