Education Workshops

ACCITI Workshop

2018, ACCITI Workshop, Venice. As part of the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2018 I collaborated with Biennale Urbana in their temporary appropriation of Caserma Pepe, an old army barrack on Lido. The high school students had 2 weeks of practical experience in what we called Situated Active Citizenship. An initial exploration of their classroom […]

Gameplays Urban development

Garden Appropriation

2012, Garden Appropriation, Hedehusene, Denmark. During a mapping of Hedehusene, Copenhagen, we discovered an old garden with a strong symbolic meaning for local citizens – the last remnants of a demolished factory. We managed to gain access and arranged an open garden where citizens over two weeks could come by and share their dreams and […]


CRIR House

2020, CRIR house – Analysis, Copenhagen. CRIR or Christiania Researcher in Residence has since 2004 hosted researchers from around the world with a particular interest in Christiania as a research area. The landscape and the buildings of Christiania has developed over time. While the landscape – the ramparts – is mostly artificial the buildings have […]