CRIR House

2020, CRIR house – Analysis, Copenhagen. CRIR or Christiania Researcher in Residence has since 2004 hosted researchers from around the world with a particular interest in Christiania as a research area.

The landscape and the buildings of Christiania has developed over time. While the landscape – the ramparts – is mostly artificial the buildings have an organic character constantly adding new “offshoots”.

#5 In 1982 Ralf moved in and turned the still open part of the concrete structure into a terrassa. A kitchen was also added to the structure.

#6 In 2005 Bathroom and bedroom was added by “Den grønne hal” for Johan, who was ill with cancer. In 2006 the lover part of the concrete structure was turned into a heat central for the nearby buildings in “Mælkebøtten” In CRIR started using the building in 2009.

Link to short PDF overview here

Link to PDF version of the full analysis of the CRIR house here