Research Workshops

CRIR House Workshop

2019 CRIR House Workshop, Christiania, Copenhagen. Since 2004 the CRIR has hosted researchers from around the world with a particular interest in Christiania as a research area. Christiania’s insight and experience into local organisation, alternative architecture, lifestyle, culture, sustainable environments, quality of life, democracy and innovation is unique in the world and could generate important knowledge that may inspire new urban thinking.

The steering group has decided to give the present CRIR house a major makeover and we have involved local kids from the youth club on Christiania along with former users of the CRIR house in this work.

The workshop resulted in formulating “5 obstructions” as our way of fixing certain elements in order to keep other possibilities open.

As part of the agreement with the Danish state the planning process that has existed on Christiania was to be complemented with the Danish legal framework. Link to an analysis of this schizophrenic new planning regime here

Link to PDF version of the full documentation of the CRIR house workshop here

Link to short PDF overview here