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The Greenhouse

2013 The Greenhouse, Gameplay for urban regeneration. This gameplay or process design tried to sum up how to do urban regeneration right. Based on 6 years work in the post industrial suburb of Copenhagen, Hedehusene. The aim was an open ended approach where the local needs and dreams were not fixed before the project started. A mapping tool would help discover and connect stories and resources. (that eventually became a working prototype, Live Mapping)

The Greenhouse was envisioned as a 3 year process that each year would go through the phases: A. Stories (mapping what is there) B. Dialogue (setting the agenda) and C. Offshoots or actions. The central strategy was to create a “dialogical space” and build capacity that over the 3 years would spark locally rooted offshoots or initiatives.

Link to PDF version of the full presentation of the Greenhouse here

Link to short PDF overview here